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Why I Don’t Pay for Notion Templates, and You Shouldn’t Either

We recently revealed that 78% of Notion users wouldn’t pay for a Notion template, and I’m one of them. There’s no shortage of fantastic Notion templates out there and how-to articles and videos that’ll teach you how to do just about everything you could possibly need to, so there’s no reason to hand over cold, hard cash. With a little bit of time and effort, you can recreate anything you can buy — and that’s what I do.

In fact, you’ll struggle to find a paid template that doesn’t have a free alternative to at least get you started and headed in the right direction. These are what I typically turn to when I need a framework to build on instead of creating the whole thing from scratch. For example, I started with this Notion journal template and modified it to include the same functions a popular paid version offers in around half an hour.

Maybe I’m a Hypocrite

There are a couple of situations where I’d probably pay for a Notion template — but I haven’t found myself in either yet. The first is if I’m in a pinch and need an immediate solution to a problem that I don’t have time to solve myself, and a free option isn’t cutting it, and the second is to support a creator who has released something truly innovative that redefines our understanding of how we can use Notion.

But let me be clear: There’s no way on earth I’m handing over $1, $10 or even $0.01 for a Notion kanban board template tomorrow.

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