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Where to Sell Simpsons Collectibles in 2021

You’ve looked through our list of the rarest Simpsons Collectibles and see one you have in a box in the attic on the list. You don’t want to keep it because you haven’t touched it for the last decade or more, so you decide to offload it to a collector — but how? Here are the best places to sell Simpsons collectibles.


This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but there’s something for everyone on eBay. From $1m Pokemon cards to $150 Homersapien interactive figurines, it has it all. Whether you have some rare Simpsons Collectibles or some newer Simpsons Toys, they’re bound to sell on eBay and for a respectable price too.

Facebook Marketplace

We wouldn’t recommend using Facebook Marketplace all the time, but if you live in a busy city and want to offload some Simpsons Collectibles that have seen better days to someone looking to spend the bare minimum, it’s effective. Just keep in mind that people will low-ball you here, so keep it for beaters.


A lot of sales of Simpsons Collectibles take place on collectible forums, like Collector Freaks. You’ll want to exercise extreme caution when selling through one of these channels: Always route all sales through PayPal, using the Goods & Services feature, and provide a tracking number to cover your bases.

Facebook Groups

Like Forums, Facebook Groups can be a fantastic resource to reach and sell Simpsons Collectibles direct to the collectors themselves. Often, they’re aware of the value and are prepared to pay a fair price — it isn’t made up of people looking for something for nothing, like Facebook Marketplace.

Local Store

Another no-brainer, but consider taking your Simpsons Collectibles to a local memorabilia of comic book store. These establishments often purchase stock from customers to sell. They’ll understand the value of the item and nine times out of ten will make a fair offer, so it’s an option worth considering.


Try taking your Simpsons Collectibles to a convention. In the pre-COVID world there were quite a few of them, and it’s only a matter of time before they start up again. Here, you’ll brush shoulders with collectors and can spend some time reminiscing about your favourite episodes before striking a deal.


If you know your Simpsons Collectibles have some serious value, we recommend popping it into either a physical or virtual auction. This will market it direct to collectors all over the world. Live Auctioneers has a lot of Simpsons Memorabilia pass through its hands, as does Heritage Auctions.

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