Notion Capture: An Introduction to the Tool

Notion Capture is another name for the Notion Web Clipper, an extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets you save websites to your Workspace with the click of a button — no need to open Notion. A version of Notion Capture is also baked into Notion for Android and Notion iOS, accessible through your device’s Share feature.

This is particularly useful when you’re reading an article that you’d like to circle back to later, either to take notes or because you don’t have time to finish it. You can choose where you want to save the link via Notion Capture, but I recommend setting up a Notion Inbox to catch them all until you have time to organize them.

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Notion Capture in action.

The benefit of this is you don’t have to worry about where you’re saving the links. You have full confidence you’ll be able to find them later, as they’re all in one place, then once you’ve revisited it you can choose where to store it on a long-term basis, should you decide you want it to have a permanent home in your Workspace.

Of course, because Notion Capture is another term used to refer to the Notion Web Clipper, there’s no dedicated separate tool to download here. You’ll need to download the Notion Web Clipper for either Chrome or Firefox or download Notion for Android or iOS/iPadOS to take advantage of the one-click-to-save feature.

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Interestingly, you can take advantage of the Notion API to automate some things you may save using Notion Capture. For instance, if you set up a rule that saves all articles in a particular RSS feed to your Notion Workspace via or Zapier so you never miss an article from your favorite publication (Notion Wizard, duh!).

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