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What is an Epic in Jira?

If you’ve just been introduced to Jira, you’ve likely heard the term Epic being thrown around a lot — it’s in the next Epic, an Engineer might say. But what is an Epic in Jira? The definition is nowhere near as confusing as you might think.

In short, an Epic is a term used to describe a large volume of work that’s completed over a prolonged period, or over several sprints. For example, a total website redesign could be the Epic, with infrastructure rolled out over four or five sprints.

Tasks are often tied to an Epic, so the easiest way to think of them is as a project. If they’re being used correctly, an Epic will have an main objective and will require several different deliverables to reach it. The website redesign example is best for this.

For this, you may have several different deliverables — a new homepage layout, a redesigned navigation bar, a new typeface, a new page structure — that may be dependent on others being done before you can move on to the next deliverable.

These would all live in the same Epic, so other stakeholders can follow along for updates, all resources are stored in one central location and you can treat tasks as dependent on others. This is what we mean when we say an Epic is basically a project.

Why You’re Seeing Jira on Notion Wizard

Yes, we’re Notion experts. And yes, we think Notion is the best productivity tool in all the land. But we don’t live in a silo. We’ve used all the leading Notion alternatives out there, and we’re here to spread knowledge in any way we can.

That’s why you’ll occasionally see some content about another tool like Jira on Notion Wizard. These are all part of our Other Tools initiative, where we look at how Notion stacks up to the competition, and deep-dive into their features.

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