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Notion Personal Website Templates — Top Choices for 2022

You have a few options when it comes to creation a Personal Website in Notion: You can use a website builder tool like Super to create one with a Squarespace-like drag-and-drop user experience, using one of the several Notion templates for websites available through the service, from $12 per website per month, or use one of the Notion personal website templates we’ve included below to build one for free.

Best Notion Personal Website Templates

Simple Blog Layout

Let’s start with the easiest: You can use this Simple Blog Layout template to create a publishing portal in a matter of minutes. There isn’t a whole lot to it. There’s a homepage, which is curated by hand using a combination of images, text and links, then dedicated Pages for the sections of the website. These sections serve as an archive of sorts, where the content will be stored as sub-Pages, divided by month.

The beauty here is there’s freedom to customize out of the box. We’ve included space for a featured article on each sections Page, but this can of course be expanded to a full, curated river of content or removed entirely to tone it down. There are breadcrumbs that appear across each section and the articles included within them to make it easier to return to the section itself or even jump back to the homepage.

Simple Job Board

This is the easiest way to add a free Job Board to any website, whether it’s hosted in Notion or not. Some people choose to use Notion to advertise opportunities but host the rest of their website on another platform like Squarespace, including a link to the Page in Notion on their website — and vice versa. This is no different to using a tool like Greenhouse in the sense that it’s not hosted on the website. 

The main benefit we’ve found of hosting a Job Board on Notion is that it’s built on top of a series of databases — one for each department in the business — so individual roles can be referenced in other internal documents and files, making it easier to keep on track of the hiring process and collaborate with stakeholders. It’s also clean and structured, looking professional and upmarket to potential candidates. 

Digital Resume

Create an entire website for your resume with this template, designed to draw prospective employers in the second they look at it. It’s a bit like taking your LinkedIn profile and turning that into a website, with space for a video introduction at the top, three of your most polished professional skills and space for an accomplishment, like scaling revenue by 500% in your last role — something people need to know about. 

The rest is a bit more boilerplate. You have space to list all of your current and previous positions with space for a callout for each and sections to highlight your Education and Professional Certifications, with room to add any additional information like number of languages spoken. You can of course modify the layout to add space for other notable details or a portfolio, or maybe even a references section full of testimonials. 

Notion Personal Website Templates with a Custom Domain

If you’re thinking about building a website in Notion, you should be aware that Notion doesn’t let you use a custom domain out of the box. 

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