What Time is the Johnny Depp Trial Today? Schedule for May 27

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Trial Schedule for Closing Arguments

Testimony is over in the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial. Both sides have rested their case, and will share their closing statements today. Here’s the all-important Johnny Depp trial time today as well as information on how to tune in to the Johnny Depp trial stream, so you can watch it live at home.

What Time is the Johnny Depp Trial Today?

Court will be in session from 9 AM ET. Both sides will have two hours each for closing arguments, before the jury start deliberations in the afternoon, so the end is near. It’s unlikely we’ll see them return with a verdict today, but if we do, we’ll see all parties summoned back to court and it come back into session.

Watch the Johnny Depp Trial Stream

How to Watch the Johnny Depp Trial on TV

The easiest way to watch the Johnny Depp trial on TV is through YouTube. Just load it up, and search for ‘Johnny Depp Trial Day 23’ and you’ll find a number of streams pop up from sources like The Law & Crime Network, Sky News, Fox News and LiveNow from Fox, as well as CBS News and Entertainment Today. 

You can also watch the Johnny Depp trial on TV on the Law & Crime Trial Network — which requires a cable subscription. You can also find this coverage on YouTube on the network’s channel, and through cord-cutting live TV streaming services like FuboTV, or you can follow periodic updates on news networks like USA Network.

Johnny Depp Trial Stream FAQ

Is it Free to Watch the Johnny Depp Trial Stream?

It’s free to watch the Johnny Depp trial stream. Depending on where you’re watching, you may need to suffer watching an advertisement or two before the feed loads on your side, but this helps the service provider’s keep the lights on. Once you’re in and watching, you shouldn’t see coverage interrupted with adverts or anything of the sort. 

Where Can I Watch the Johnny Depp Trial Today?

You can watch the Johnny Depp trial online, through a number of different broadcasters and networks. We have the Johnny Depp trial stream here, so you can watch the trial online, or you can head over to YouTube and find Day 22 coverage from several channels, including The Law & Crime Network and Court TV. 

What Time Does the Johnny Depp Trial Begin Today? 

The Johnny Depp trial begins at 9 AM ET today and should last for around four hours. If you’re following along on the Johnny Depp trial live stream, you can tune in a bit before, to see the star arrive at the Fairfax County Courthouse with his attorneys, and stick around a little bit later to see him leave and the mood in the courtroom. 

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