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Is There a Gousto Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a Gousto free trial. The meal kit service does have an exclusive offer for new customers, though: 50% OFF their first box, and 30% OFF all other orders in their first month when they sign up today. You won’t have to hand over a penny for shipping either as Gousto offers free delivery with all orders — for both new customers and existing customers.


How Does Gousto Work?

Gousto makes it easier than ever to cook at home. Choose from a selection of meals each week, and you’ll receive a box containing all of the ingredients (which arrive measured out, so you have exactly what you need to make the meal — cutting household food waste) needed to make them. All you need to do is follow the included instructions to cook the meal, then eat it. Couldn’t be easier, huh?

You aren’t locked into a contract, either. Decide you don’t want Gousto the following week or month and you can pause your subscription immediately. You can choose to have orders delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Payments are taken before each order is shipped out, and there aren’t any hidden fees — even if you manage to find a Gousto free trial. You don’t even pay for delivery.

Is There a Gousto Free Trial?

There isn’t a Gousto free trial. For the same reason Hello Fresh doesn’t offer one, the UK-based meal kit provider can’t be handing out food for free — it just doesn’t have the margins to do so. What it can do though is knock 50% OFF your first order if you’re a new customer. This can see your first Gousto box delivered to your door from as little as £12.50 for two meals, £15 for three meals or £17.50 for four meals.

Those boxes contain enough food for two people. If you’re looking to feed a family, you’ll need to subscribe to the Large Box, which contains enough food for two adults, and two-to-three children, or three adults, depending on how you slice it up. Pricing starts at £16 for two meals, climbs to £21.50 for three meals and maxes out at £24 for four meals after the 50% discount. There’s trial for this one, either.

Redeeming the 50% OFF offer couldn’t be easier. Just head over to the Gousto website and select Get Started. Alternatively, you can click this link to head over to the sign-up page. When you arrive, a pop-up will appear asking you if you want to enable this offer. Just select yes and follow the steps on the screen to create an account. You’ll then choose the recipes for your first box and place your first order.

How Much Does Gousto Cost?

Pricing for Gousto starts at £25 for a two-recipe box for two people. You’ll need to hand over £30 for a three-recipe box or £35 for a four-recipe box. Want to feed more people? You’ll need a Family Box, which contains enough food for two adults and two-to-three children. These start at £32 for two recipes. A three-recipe box will cost you £43, and a four-recipe box will set you back £48.

In lieu of a Gousto free trial, the company is offering all new customers 50% OFF their first order and 30% OFF all subsequent orders placed in their first month of membership. This will see the cost of the standard two-recipe box for two people cut to only £12.50 or £16 for the equivalent kit for a family of four or five — cheap enough to take it for a spin on a whim. Remember: There’s no commitment.


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