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Is Notion Down? Check the Service Status Live Here

Like all online services, Notion experiences blackouts every now and then. These are often few and far between and don’t last for long. They’ll most definitely have you asking yourself “is Notion down?” though as you’re temporarily unable to determine whether your internet is melting down or it’s an issue elsewhere.

That’s why we created this resource — to keep tabs on whether Notion is down and record recent blackouts. We monitor various channels and update this page when disruption is detected for both the Notion App and the Notion API. You can also subscribe below to be the first to know when there’s an issue.

Is Notion Down?

Notion is not down. The service is working as it should be, with no incidents reported on its service tracker. Unable to access the service? It could be a local issue. Consider disconnecting your VPN if you’re using one or connecting to a different server. You may also want to connect to a mobile hotspot to tap in through a different host.

When Was Notion Last Down?

The last major outage recorded was on December 15, 2021. It lasted for 20 minutes, from 08:13 – 08:33 PST. Before that, it was down for a little more than an hour on September 7, 2021, from 09:36 – 10:45 PDT, after facing a blackout from 09:07 – 09:23 PDT on September 2, 2021. Users were unable to access the service in these windows.

Is Notion a Reliable Service?

Notion is a reliable service with an impressive uptime of 99.99% in the last 90 days, outperforming rival Trello with a score of 99.86% in the same period.

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