Best Notion Invoice Template for 2021

Notion isn’t, nor was it designed to be, an accounting tool, but some contractors swear by it for both creating and collecting invoices, keeping track of payments, and monitoring the progress of projects. Of course, the first step in doing this is creating the invoice itself, and we’ve found the perfect template to do just that.

Now, we didn’t create this Notion invoice template. We actually found it while sifting through the Notion subreddit, but it’s so good we couldn’t help but share it. The reason it’s so fantastic? Because it’s simple. It tells the recipient what you’re doing, how much it’s going to cost them, and when and how to pay.

How to Install the Invoice Template for Notion

Adding the invoice template to your Workspace on Notion is easy. Just follow this link, select ‘Duplicate‘ from the menu bar at the top, and you’ll be on your way. Before you rush to send out your first invoice, though, consider slinging a few bucks to the creator for releasing this fantastic resource for free.

Is the Invoice Template for Notion Safe to Use?

This template is 100% safe, so much so there isn’t a single download involved. You’re merely cloning something we created in your own Workspace – a feature provided by Notion itself. A data-transfer relationship is not formed. The creator can’t see what you’re using it for, nor can you see what they’re using it for.

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