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How to Share a Notion Page Without Login

Ever since Notion switched from subdirectories to subdomains for Workspaces, people have been confused about how to share a Notion page without requiring the recipient to login to view it. Fortunately, it’s still possible. Nothing has changed there, in fact, other than the structure of the link created — and there’s no manual cleanup needed as all existing links will redirect to the new subdomain-first URL structure.

To share a Notion page without login, select Share at the top, then click the toggle next to Share to Web. Now all you need to do is copy the URL that appears beneath it and share this with whoever you want to have access to the page. You can validate it’s working by opening up an incognito browser window and pasting the link in there, rejecting any calls to open it in the Notion app. Working? Great … Now share that link!

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