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How to Export Airtable to Excel

You can export Airtable to Excel. For whatever reason though Airtable doesn’t make it clear that this is what you’re doing, nor is the option located in an intuitive place. But we’re here to help — below, we’ll walk you through how to export a table in Airtable to Excel. The entire process takes a couple of clicks, so you won’t be here for long.

How to Export Airtable to Excel

  1. Open the table you want to export from Airtable to Excel.
  2. Open the view menu, then select Download CSV.
  3. Open the CSV in Microsoft Excel once it has downloaded.

Why You’re Seeing Airtable on Notion Wizard

Yes, we’re Notion experts. And yes, we think Notion is the best productivity tool in all the land. But we don’t live in a silo. We’ve used all the leading Notion alternatives out there, and we’re here to spread knowledge in any way we can. That’s why you’ll occasionally see some content about another tool like Airtable on Notion Wizard.

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