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How to Delete a Notebook in OneNote

It’s actually extremely easy to delete a Notebook in OneNote. It just seems confusing because Microsoft prompts users to ‘close’ a Notebook instead of deleting it. In essence, they’re the same. When a Notebook is closed in OneNote, it’s deleted locally — but not from Microsoft OneDrive.

If you’re using Microsoft OneDrive, you’ll need to head into your online workspace and trash the Notebook manually too, or it’ll continue to exit there even though it won’t show up in the desktop client anymore. You can choose to skip closing it and jump to this step instead. Deleting the Notebook in OneDrive will remove it from everything.

In all honestly though, we recommend keeping the version in OneDrive. It won’t show up in OneNote for desktop or mobile, but it’s always there should you need to refer to it at some point in the future. Microsoft gives you 5GB of storage space for free with OneNote through OneDrive, so you won’t have to pay to store it there either.

Why You’re Seeing OneNote on Notion Wizard

Yes, we think Notion is the best productivity tool in all the land. But we don’t live in a silo. We’ve used all the best Notion alternatives out there, and we’re here to spread knowledge in any way we can. That’s why you’ll occasionally see some content about another tool on Notion Wizard, as part of our Other Tools initiative.

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