How to Delete a Channel in Slack

Don’t feel like archiving a channel in Slack and want to delete it entirely instead? You’ve come to the right place — we’ll walk you through the steps to delete a channel in Slack. Just keep in mind that you will need to be an administrator in order to do this. Here’s how to delete a channel in Slack.


Deleting a channel in Slack isn’t the same as archiving it. When you delete a Slack channel, all of of the messages are removed from Slack immediately. This can’t be undone, even if you reach out to Slack Support, so think carefully before proceeding. You’ll almost always be better off archiving instead of deleting.

How to Delete a Channel in Slack

  1. Right-click on the channel you want to delete in the Channels section of the sidebar.
  2. Next, select Open Channel Details from the list, then click the Settings tab.
  3. Click the Delete this Channel button, and confirm the deletion.

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