How to Create New Columns in Notion

You can add a new column to a table in Notion on desktop and mobile. We’ve tested extensively and there doesn’t appear to be a limit on the amount you can add, either — though that could be because we haven’t discovered that limit yet.

How to Create New Columns in Notion

There are a couple of ways you can do this: You can either click the + symbol next to the rightmost column, then drag and drop to rearrange it, or you can click on an existing column then choose to insert a new one either to the right or left.

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This same process applies to the Notion app on mobile, and is available to all users, with no restrictions on the amount of columns that can be created in a table (again, that we’ve noticed), regardless of the Notion pricing plan you subscribe to.

How to Create New Columns in Notion in Bulk

Alternatively, you can import an existing spreadsheet in the form of a CSV, XLSX or through Google Sheets and it will create all of the columns. Some users turn to this to create new columns in bulk — a feature Notion doesn’t offer at the moment.

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