How to Copy a Trello Board

Yes, you can copy a Trello board. You have the option to duplicate it in the Workspace it currently lives in, or create a version in a different Workspace.

How to Copy a Trello Board

  1. Open the board you want to duplicate then click Show Menu in the upper-right corner.
  2. Scroll down and click More.
  3. Select the Copy Board option.
  4. Assign the duplicated version a title, then choose the Workspace you want it to live.
  5. Set the required permissions, decide whether you want to keep the existing cards, then click Create.

Why You’re Seeing Trello on Notion Wizard

Yes, we’re Notion experts. And yes, we think Notion is the best productivity tool in all the land. But we don’t live in a silo. We’ve used (and still use, in some cases) all the best Notion alternatives out there, and we’re here to spread knowledge in any way we can.

That’s why you’ll occasionally see some content about another tool like Trello on Notion Wizard. These are all part of our Other Tools initiative, where we look at how Notion stacks up to the competition, and deep-dive into their features.

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