Notion Web Clipper: A Beginner’s Guide

Notion has a Web Clipper (also known as Notion Capture) that can be installed on Chrome and Firefox on Mac and Windows, while Notion for Android and Notion for iOS both have a built-in Web Clipper that can be accessed using your device’s ‘Share’ feature. These let you to save websites to your Workspace in a couple of clicks.

What is the Notion Web Clipper?

The Notion Web Clipper lets you save things you find on the Internet to your Workspace. This can be anything from a recipe to an obituary. You have the option to save a link to the website, or even import a specific section or the entire webpage to your Workspace so you can access it whenever, wherever.

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Is There a Notion Chrome Extension?

Fun fact: The Notion Web Clipper for Google Chrome is actually a Chrome Extension, so yes there is a Notion Chrome Extension. It can be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store (more on that in a second) and lets you save any page on the internet to your Notion Workspace with one click.

Does the Notion Web Clipper Work on Safari?

The Notion Web Clipper isn’t available for Safari, meaning you’ll need to use Chrome or Safari if you want to take advantage of it. Alternatively, you can Air Drop files from your Mac to your iPad or iPhone, where you can take advantage of the baked-in Web Clipper to save them to your Workspace.

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Is the Notion Web Clipper Safe to Use?

Developed and released by Notion itself, the official Notion Web Clipper is safe to use. This applies to the Notion Web Clipper extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Mac and Windows, and the built-in Web Clipper in Notion for Android and iOS. Be wary of any aftermarket clients, though.

How to Use the Notion Web Clipper on Desktop

The Notion Web Clipper for Chrome and Firefox couldn’t be easier to use. We’ll assume you’ve already followed the links above and installed it, and pick up from what it will look like the first time you open the Clipper – it’s going to ask you to sign into your Notion account before you can do anything.

Signed in? Head back to the page you wish to save to your Workspace and click the Notion Web Clipper icon again. This time you will be presented with a new menu. The first thing you’re going to want to do is assign your clipping a title. This can be anything from the name of the article to something more personal.

Finally, choose where the snippet is going to live. We recommend setting up a dedicated ‘Quick Links’ page where you can save all of your clippings before sitting down to organize them at a later date. Another option is a ‘Read Later’ list, or possibly even an ‘Inspiration List’. The possibilities are endless.

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How to Use the Notion Web Clipper on Android and iOS

As we mentioned earlier, you need to manually install the Notion Web Clipper for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on Mac and Windows. Android and iPad and iPhone users have it a little easier, though: The Web Clipper is baked right into the Notion application and is accessible through your device’s Share feature.

Share Sheet in iOS.

Just open the webpage you want to save to your Workspace, click the ‘Save’ icon (the same button you’d click to email a website to a friend), then select Notion from the list of applications that appears. Now all you need to do is choose where you want to store the webpage and assign it a relevant title.

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