Sky Glass Basics

Can You Wall Mount a Sky Glass TV?

You can wall mount a Sky Glass TV either using the included Sky Glass TV Bracket — housed in the the included Sky Glass TV Stand when it arrives and will need to be detached to be used — or a standard VESA bracket, the same one that is likely already on the wall from your last television.

There are a couple of added benefits that come with using a VESA bracket. The first is of course that you don’t need to worry about removing the bracket from the wall if you already have one installed; it’s as simple as removing the old television and replacing it with the new one.

You also have more room to customise with an aftermarket bracket. The bracket that’s included in the box is a sit-flat model, though there are plenty of others out there to choose from — some tilt, others protrude and some do both, so do some research and decide what’s best.

All of the instructions you need to use the Sky Glass TV Bracket or wall-mount it with an aftermarket one should have come with the television. If for whatever reason you didn’t receive them, Sky has all the installation documents listed on its website, so head over and check them out.

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