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Can You Sell Notion Templates?

Yes, you can sell Notion templates. In fact, there’s a pretty sizable market for them, with 12% of users claiming they’d hand over cash one and 10% saying they’d consider it if it solved an issue they’re having. These aren’t basic to-do list or diary templates that people are buying, though — they’re complicated workflows that would either take too long to replicate or require a specific skillset the customer doesn’t have.

We’ve spoke to various creators selling templates in the space and they all agreed that Notion Everything is the best and only real marketplace to offload them to a sizable audience. The way it works is simple: You list your template in a similar way to how would list an old iPhone or iPad on eBay — create a description, upload images, set a price and configure a payment method (you have to use Gumroad in this instance).

There’s no fee to list an item on Notion Everything, but it does takes a 20% cut of each sale to cover the cost of keeping the marketplace alive. It’s a little on the steep side, but there’s nothing else out there with the same amount of visitors, so if you’re wondering how to sell a Notion template with no existing audience or clients to market it to it’s really your best bet outside of social networks like Reddit.

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