Best Trello Templates for 2021

While we’re firm believers that Notion is the best productivity tool out there, we’ve tried all of the leading Notion alternatives, so we’re somewhat of an expert in the space. One tool we’ve used extensively is Trello, and we found some fantastic templates in our time with it that helped us make our workflow more efficient, so it’s only right we highlight all of the best Trello templates below.

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Are Trello Templates Safe to Use?

Trello templates are completely safe to use. All of the Trello templates we’ve highlighted above are free and accessible through Trello’s built-in template catalog. There’s isn’t a single download required, nor do you need to provide anything with access to your account. Just make sure you’re signed into Trello either on your desktop or in your web browser and you’re ready to roll.

Why You’re Seeing Trello Templates on Notion Wizard

We know, we know — we’re all about Notion, so why are we writing about Trello templates. It’s because we recognize that Notion is not perfect. There are other tools out there that are better at specific things, like note-taking, and we documented them all in our roundup of the best Notion alternatives. This article is an extension to that, recommending a starting point for those who use Trello.

If it’s Notion you’re after, check out our collection of the best Notion templates. And if you’re looking for something more specific, we’ve broken out all the best Notion templates for students and the best Notion templates for writers. The standouts? This fantastic Notion daily journal template and this extremely useful Notion Kanban Board template. We’re also big fans of this Notion invoice template.

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