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Best Simpsons Toys for 2021

Whether you’re shopping for the little Simpsons fan in your life for the holidays, or you’re looking to add something new to your collection, here are all the best Simpsons Toys you can buy today.

LEGO Simpsons House Kit

With 2523 pieces and 6 minifigures in the box, and measuring in at over 9 inches high, 16 inches wide and 9 inches deep, with a hinge in the middle and a removable roof for access to the different rooms inside, the LEGO Simpsons House is a must-have for all fans. Priced at $549, it isn’t cheap — but with a build time of around 15 hours, it’s unrivaled entertainment and a work of art when done.

Lego Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Kit

Finished the Lego Simpsons House Kit and hungry for more? Add another building to your shelf-sized recreation of Springfiled with the LEGO Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Kit. Consisting of 2179 pieces, the model features opening rear walls and a removable roof for access to the rooms within, and Chief Wiggum’s police car, complete with functional trunk, removable roof and space for three minifigures.

Hasbro Operation Simpsons Edition

This take on the old-fashioned electrified wire loop game puts Homer Simpson on the operating table. The aim of the game is to remove the items from inside his body using a pair of tweezers without nicking him. Catch his body and his nose will light up as he screams. Surgeons are compensated based on their performance, with the doctor with the most cash at the end being crowned the victor.

Why are The Simpsons Toys So Expensive?

Compared to their standard counterparts, The Simpsons-branded toys are pretty expensive. This is because the manufacturer has to strike a licensing deal with 20th Century Fox to bring the product to market, which isn’t cheap.

The Difference Between Simpsons Toys and Simpsons Collectibles?

By definition, a collectible is any item that can be collected, and a toy is something that can be played with, so one man’s collectible can be another man’s toy, and vice versa — it’s relative. So when it comes to Simpsons Toys, those tend to be items on the shelves now that people rip out of the packaging for their amusement, while Simpsons Collectibles are often left in their cover and admired from the outside.

In essence, it’ll come down to your intention. The best Simpsons Toys we’ve highlighted above can also be Simpsons Collectibles.

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