Best Notion Widgets for 2022

Notion Widgets are a module you can add to any Page in your Notion Workspace. They can be used for cosmetic purposes, as a utility, or both. There are a lot out of options out there, but not all of them are worth your attention, so we spent some time in the trenches, sifting through what’s on offer and taking them for a spin, to curate what we feel is a definitive list of the best Notion Widgets you can embed today.

Before we dive into the list, we should note that for the purpose of this article we aren’t going to teaching you how to create a Notion Widget from scratch. We have an article coming out on that soon, but do note this requires some coding experience. Instead, we’re looking at much simpler drag-and-drop offerings that let you modify a pre-made template, clicking to select functions, colors and even the font.

You’ll want to ditch your phone and jump in front of a computer for this one, though. Some of the tools we’ll be showing you work best on a computer. You’ll also need to do some copy-and-pasting too, which often doesn’t work well on mobile, including while using Notion on iPad. Of course, you don’t need to download Notion on a Mac or PC to do this: You can use the Notion App for Web in a browser window instead.

Like all of the Notion templates we recommend, these Notion Widgets are completely safe. You don’t need to download a single file to your machine, nor are you forming any data-access relationships between your Notion Workspace and the host (the service that’s running the Widget for you). The only information they will have access to is what you offer up when you configure the widget of your choice.

Best Notion Widgets

We’ve spent hours testing Notion Widgets to create what we believe is a list of the best Notion Widgets you need to know about. The intention here isn’t to list hundreds of useless tools that break often due to unreliable hosting from the source or that offer limited customisation. Instead, we focus on reliable components that are better than anything else out there, making this an ideal starting point for anyone new to them.

As you’d expect though, a lot of new Notion Widgets are released each day, so we keep this resource up-to-date, adding new offerings and removing existing ones as and when we see fit. We like to think of this as a living article of sorts. Keeping up with all of the changes can be a bit tricky, so we’ve created a dedicated Widget Club newsletter to keep you apprised of any new additions to the collection.

Notion Countdown Widget

We’ve showcased this particular Notion Countdown Widget before. It’s straightforward, but that’s why we love it. Just head over to Indify and create an account of sign in with Google, then select Countdown from the Volume 2 section of the catalog. Now, use the configurator to set it up — provide an event name, choose the date and time you want it to count down to, then tweak the design to your fancy.

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Notion Weather Widget

Another Notion Widget we’ve featured before, this Notion Weather Widget is a simple way to pull the weather forecast for any location into your Notion Workspace. This one is offered by Indify too, so you’ll need to create an account if you don’t already have one, then select Weather Widget from the Volume 1 section of the catalog once you’re logged in, then use the customizer to set it up.

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How to Add a Notion Widget to a Page

Almost all Notion Widgets are based on the embeddable infrastructure in the Notion App. This makes adding one as simple as copying a URL from a host and pasting it on the intended Page in your Notion Workspace, then selecting Create Embed from the menu that appears. You can then use the default tools in Notion to resize it and move it as you see fit. You can even create a new column on the Page and store it there.

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