4 Uses for Notion You’ve Probably Never Thought Of

Whether you’re taking advantage of the seemingly endless selection of Notion templates out there or creating something yourself, there no limit to what you can do with Notion. If you’re feeling a little uninspired, or maybe you’re taking a look at what can be done before you download Notion, then you’re in the right place — we’ve rounded up some uses of the software you’ve probably never even thought of.

Monitor Monthly Subscriptions

There’s nothing worse than losing track of a recurring payment only to find it on your bank statement a year later, when the damage is done and it’s too late to get a refund. Fortunately, you can create a monthly subscriptions tracker in Notion relatively easily, where you can store service names, renewal dates, renewal cost, billing frequency and the current status of the subscription — active, canceled or trial.

Track Your Pokémon Collection

Ditch Excel because you can track your entire Pokémon collection in Notion. We’ve even built a template specifically for it. Keep track of all the usual information, including Pokémon set, card name, card number, and card type, as well as other important data like purchase price and grade. You can even upload photographs of your card, and share your collection with your friends with the click of a button.

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Replace Your Invoicing Software

You can actually create invoices inside Notion and share them with clients either by downloading them and attaching them to an email or by sharing the Notion page publicly, without requiring them to create an account or sign in to view the invoice. We’ve found the single best Notion invoice template to get you started — just fill in all the details, send it out, and wait for the money to come rolling in.

Make a Grocery List

One of the best things about Notion is how accessible it is — you can start working on something in front of your computer at home, and pick it up again in the back of a taxi or in the middle of a store. That’s why it’s our favorite software to make a grocery list, not to mention the fact you can connect it to another page, like a meal planner, and set it to automatically populate the list with the ingredients you will need.

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