Best Notion Templates for 2021

Just downloaded Notion? We’ve rounded up all of the best Notion templates you can copy to your very own Notion Workspace today. Best of all, we’ve only included free Notion templates here, so there’s no need to reach for your wallet.

Kanban Board

Kanban Boards are the most basic form of project and task management tools, and they should absolutely be a staple of your Notion workflow, with this Kanban Board template letting you keep track of all your tasks in one place.

Contractor Invoice

Notion wasn’t intended to be used as invoicing software, but if that’s what you’re wanting to use it for, this contractor invoice template – first shared on Reddit – will do the trick. Just remember to donwload as PDF before printing!

Lightweight To-Do List

We’re all guilty of spending too much time managing a to-do list. This to-do list template brings the practice back to basics. Just enter what you need to get done, then keep it updated with a single drag-and-drop to stay organized.

Daily Planner

Made by YouTuber Mickey Mellen, this Daily Planner template lets you keep track of all of your tasks, appointments and meetings in one place. There’s even a built-in journal for noting your conclusions at the end of the day.

Grocery List

This Grocery List template makes it easy to take your shopping list with you wherever you are. Start it on your laptop in bed, add to it on your tablet in the kitchen, then strike the items off as you pick them up in the store on your phone.

Job Hunt Tracker

There’s nothing more stressful than searching for a new job. This Job Hunt Tracker template aims to take some off the stress out of it though, letting you catalog all roles your interested in and interview progress in one place.

Finance & Budgeting

You don’t need to subscribe to an expensive budgeting service to straighten out your finances. This Finance & Budgeting template has everything you need, including income and expense records, and a savings calculator.

Pokémon Collection Tracker

This Pokemon Collection Tracker template will let you keep track of Pokémon Set, Card Name, Card Number, and Card Type. You also have the option to add other data like purchase price, current market price, and grade.

Weekly Agenda

Plan out your entire week with this Weekly Agenda template. Set daily tasks, outline important things to remember, keep track of habits, and then reflect on how productive the week has been on Sunday – all from one dashboard.

Household Chores

Keep dust at bay with this Household Chores template. Simply list all of your tasks, the rooms of the house they need to be done in, the frequency, and then the next date they’re due to be done and keep track of your progress in Notion.

Mood Board

There’s no need to fire up Pinterest to hunt for inspiration. You can create your very own mood or inspiration within Notion with this Mood Board template. Upload your own images to choose from the 950,000 free on Unsplash.


Ditch the notebooks and document your life with this Journal template for Notion. The possibilities are endless – write, upload images and videos, and store memorable files. You can even insert important links you’ve found online.

Subscriptions Tracker

Keep a log of all the various services you subscribe to – Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon Prime, etc. – how much they cost, and their renewal date with this Subscription Trackers template. There’s even an option to work out annual costs.

Habit Tracker

The secret to forming a new habit is consistency. Whether you’re looking to start working out on a daily basis, start waking up early, or eat healthier, you need to be able to track your progress – and this Habit Tracker template does the trick.

Productivity System

If you’re juggling projects and deadlines, this Productivity System template will help break them down into digestible chunks and assign blocks of time to complete them. You can also store links to important files and documents.

Brain Nudge List

Catalog all of your thoughts in Notion – including things to do around the house, items to replenish, people to contact, things you’ve borrowed, upcoming birthdays, and everything in between – using this Brain Nudge List template.

Meeting Notes

Created by David Tibbitts, this Meeting Notes template makes it easy to capture notes from all meetings in one accessible spot. Notes can be tagged by meeting type to make them easy to find and come with space for a participants list.

Meal Planner

Create a meal database that can be used to build a weekly meal plan with this Meal Planner template. Developed by the Notion team, it automatically marks ingredients needed for each meal on a list, meaning less trips to the store.

Food Diary

This Food Diary template makes it easy to keep track of the various meals you consume over the course of a day, week, month, or even year. There’s space to add comments too, so you can document exactly how it made you feel after.

Basic Inventory Management

Looking for a basic way to keep track of inventory for a small store? This Basic Inventory Management template lets you build a semi-automated stock-keeping solution within Notion, complete with traffic light view for at-a-glance updates.

How to Use Templates in Notion

You don’t have to download a template to use it in Notion. You don’t have to upload it either. Instead, you need to duplicate it from the source in your own Workspace. Feeling a little lost? Here’s how to use templates in Notion.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to start using a template in your own Workspace on Notion. You simply need to click the little ‘Duplicate’ button in the upper-right of it, then sign in to your Notion account if you aren’t already.

Of course, you always have the option to both download and upload a Page in your Workspace manually. Just keep in mind that saving random files on your machine can lead to a whole world of trouble, so exercise caution.

If you’re wanting to download a Page in your Workspace to be used as a template, simply open it up then select the three horizontal buttons in the upper-right corner, followed by ‘Export‘, then select the format you require.

To import a template in Notion, select ‘Import‘ from the sidebar on the left, select the file format (this should be either CSV or Text & Markdown if you’re uploading a purpose-made Notion template), then choose the file.

Are Notion Templates Safe?

The templates featured above are 100% safe, so much so there isn’t a single download involved. You’re merely cloning something in your own Workspace – a feature provided by Notion itself. A data-transfer relationship is not formed.

Should You Pay for Notion Templates?

It depends, really. Value is relative, so if you think the template you’re looking worth your hard-earned cash then by all means buy one. If not, opt for a free alternative (all of the Notion templates above are free) or make your own.

After something a bit different? We’ve also rounded up all the best Notion templates for students and the best Notion templates for writers.

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