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Best Notion Templates for Writers for 2021

Notion is an incredibly valuable tool for writers, letting them organize and bounce between their notes, schedule and work in one location … for free. Here, we’ve rounded up all of the best Notion templates for writers you can use today.

Kanban Board

Daily Planner

Pitch Tracker

Vocabulary Builder

Contractor Invoice

Rate Sheet

Client Database

Published Work

Weekly Agenda

Mood Board

While these Notion templates were designed with writers in mind, no two people’s workflows are the same. Use them as a chance to get creative — if something doesn’t quite for you, tweak it. These templates are intended to be customized.

These Notion templates for students are completely safe and free to use, requiring you to clone something to your own Workspace. There’s no downloading involved and the creator won’t be able to view the content stored in your Workspace.

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