Best Notion Grocery List Template for 2021

Notion syncs across devices, so it’s a fantastic tool for not only creating a to-do-list, but also a running grocery list that can be shared with family and friends, letting them add to it as and when stuff runs out or they pick something up. Here, we’re highlighting the best Notion grocery list template we’ve used to date.

This Notion grocery list template is broken into sections, so you can batch items together based on where they’re likely to be located in the store, eliminating the need to run from side to side. Start it on your laptop in bed, add to it on your tablet in the kitchen, then strike the items off in the store on your phone.

Adding the Notion grocery list template to your Workspace is simple. Just follow this link, select ‘Duplicate’ from the menu bar at the top, and you’re ready to roll. You will now see the Gratitude Journal in your Workspace. That’s right – no downloading, no uploading. Notion couldn’t make it easier if it tried.

This template is 100% safe, so much so there isn’t a single download involved. You’re merely cloning something we created in your own Workspace – a feature provided by Notion itself. A data-transfer relationship is not formed. The creator can’t see what you’re using it for, nor can you see what they’re using it for.

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