Best Notion Budget Template for 2021

The best Notion budget template is actually our top pick for the best Notion accounting template: Finance Tracker. The all-in-one solution, which is available from Gumroad for $15, lets you update your income, outcome and keep track of your balances in one central location, so you can stay on top of your finances.

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Of course, because Notion syncs across devices, you can access (and edit) the Finance Tracker on all of your devices — at home or on the move — with the option to upload files to individual transactions, which is useful for storing receipts. These can then be exported as a CSV and imported into tools like TurboTax.

The main benefit of this template is that it shows you exactly how much money you have coming in and going out in an incredibly simple way, which is useful for balancing a budget. From there, you can drill down into individual transactions, with the option to organize based on transaction category and sort by date or value.

This template is 100% safe, so much so there isn’t a single download involved. You’re merely cloning something we created in your own Workspace – a feature provided by Notion itself. A data-transfer relationship is not formed. The creator can’t see what you’re using it for, nor can you see what they’re using it for.

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