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Best Notion Accounting Template for 2021

While it wasn’t created to be a replacement for QuickBooks, Notion is actually a fantastic finance tool. If you’re looking to keep a tab on your finances — be it for business or pleasure, or both — then look no further than this incredible Notion accounting template, lifted from our collection of the best Notion templates.

Created by Zoe Chew, and first released via, the template lets you update your income, outcome and keep track of your balances in one central location, with options to batch transactions by categories and upload reference documents and recipes. You then have the option to filter accordingly.

Best of all, because Notion syncs between devices, you can view, add and edit transactions on your smartphone on the move, then organize them when you return home on your computer. You can also export the entire database as a CSV file, which can be uploaded to a tool like QuickBooks for tax calculations.

Chew is charging $15 for this Notion accounting template. It’s available to purchase through Gumroad. There are plenty of free resources out there, including a couple of free alternatives to this particular template (one of which can be downloaded here), but this is the best we’ve seen. It’s easily worth your hard-earned cash.

This template is 100% safe, so much so there isn’t a single download involved. You’re merely cloning something we created in your own Workspace – a feature provided by Notion itself. A data-transfer relationship is not formed. The creator can’t see what you’re using it for, nor can you see what they’re using it for.

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