Our mission at Notion Wizard is simple: We’re here to help you navigate the world’s most powerful workspace tool. Through expert-written content, we aim to answer all your questions and teach you how to build the ultimate workflow.

We haven’t been around for long, but we’re rapidly amassing a dedicated audience of new and experienced Notion users all around the world, and we’re looking for more ‘Notion Wizards’ to help us spread word of all things Notion.

Specifically, we’re looking for talented freelance writers to contribute tutorial-style content, teaching our readers how to revolutionize their workflow in Notion. You don’t need previous experience writing, either: Our editors are here to help.

Whether you’ve just built a crazy new template you want to share with the world or you’ve got to get something off your chest you feel other Notion users need to know about, Notion Wizard is the platform to use to spread the word.

Our Team

Artemus Verene

Artemus Verene is the Managing Editor of Notion Wizard. Based in WA, he loves nothing more than looking for new ways to increase his productivity and feels Notion is the best way to do that. He also runs Noom Wizard and SodaStream Wizard.


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