78% of Notion Users Wouldn’t Pay for a Template

78% of Notion users wouldn’t pay for a Notion template, according to a recent survey conducted by Notion Wizard.

Out of the 1000 readers surveyed, 78% said they wouldn’t hand over cold, hard cash for a template that made their life easier, while 12% said they would. The remaining 10% were on the fence, agreeing they would consider it if it solved an issue they’re having.

There’s Still a Market for Paid, Custom Templates

There’s still a thriving market for paid, custom templates that help bring complex workflows to life — particularly in the corporate sector. We’ve seen businesses fork out north of $10,000 to have their existing systems recreated and streamlined in Notion.

Fortunately, There’s No Shortage of Free Templates

Thankfully, we don’t need to punch in our credit card number to improve our Workspace. There are plenty of free Notion templates out there that’ll help you with everything from building an inventory database to storing your favorite recipes.

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